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M2e eBay Magento Integration – Token Expiration Issue

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For anyone experiencing issues with M2E’s Magento & Ebay integration, you need to replace a file which contains the token that M2E uses to connect to eBay’s API.

The error that I am referring to is :

Synchronize eBay items transactions/orders ... Fail DateTime::__construct(): Failed to parse time string (Auth token is hard expired.) at position 0 (A): The timezone could not be found in the database

The file in question is

As the changes required are privy only to M2E customers, it’s important that you contact them directly here.

*Note: This post was edited as part of a request from the developers at M2E. Also, the solution above is from M2E and should have been sent to your email address. If you haven’t received it, it’s best to get in touch with them as well.